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65th Foundation Day Celebration The Institution of Engineers (India) Pune Local Centre celebrated on Wednesday 29th November 2023 at 6:30 PM
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The Sixty-Sixth (66th) Annual General Meeting of Corporate Members of The Institution of Engineers (India), Pune Local Centre was held on Sunday, 29th October at 1900 hrs at The Institution of Engineers (India), Pune Local Centre ABHIYANTA BHAVAN, 1332 Shivajinagar, J.M. Road,Pune – 411 005.
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Pune Local Centre

Popularly known as PLC- was established on 29th November 1958 first local Centre established by the Council of the IEI. The Council at its 409th meeting held on November 20,1958 at Shillong unanimously decided to grant Local Centre (earlier Centre was functioning as Paper Centre) to Pune. Before this period only State Centres were functioning at the capital cities of the states. Over the years Pune has justified the faith reposed by the Council and has become major, active, efficient & popular Centre of the IEI...more details

About IEI

The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is the largest multi- disciplinary professional body of engineers, established in 1920 with its Headquarters located in Kolkata and incorporated under Royal Charter on 9th September, 1935 by the then His Majesty of King George V. The Royal Charter endowed the Institution with the responsibility to promote the general advancement of engineering amongst its members and persons attached to the Institution. more details

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