City Infrastructure Facilities And Project Management Cell

The City Infrastructure Facilities And Project Management Cell was started by the Pune Local Centre on 1 st January 2006, with a view to fulfill Local & Social Responsibilities of the Centre with following Purpose and Objectives.


The purpose of this Cell would be to act as a facilitator to bring about improvement in quality of Infrastructure, Housing & related activities in greater Pune City as well as Project Engineering & Project Management activities at Local, State and National levels.


Activities of this Cell will encompass a wide range of engineering disciplines such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Power, Water Supply, Telecommunication, Roads, Transportation etc. It will also require inputs from Government Officials, Contractors, Consultants, Architects, Equipment suppliers, Academic institutions., Scientists etc. Sub-cells would be progressively formed to take up specialized activities and their respective objectives will be decided in due course. However,the board objectives for all the sub – cells would be as under:

  • Providing technical assistance without legal or financial liability to IEI.
  • Extending participation in various project planning and quality assessment projects.
  • Facilitating achieving the “Purpose” mentioned above.
  • Creating public awareness through lectures, articles, etc.
Presently the Cell meets on every 3rd Monday of a month and arranges lectures on topics of current importance related to City Infrastructure Facilities and Project Management.