Energy Resource Group

This Cell was formed in 1992 as ‘Energy Forum’ with the objective of promoting awareness about Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy amongst the users. The name of the Group was changed to ‘Energy Resources Group’ in year 2005.


The purpose of the Cell is to act as a Facilitator for various activities related to Energy Efficiency Improvement, Energy Conservation, Energy Audit, Policy Related Issues in Conventional and Renewable Energy Sectors.


  • The Cell undertakes following activities.
  • Core Group meetings.
  • Lecture Meetings on Topics of current importance in Energy and Renewable Energy Fields by Experts in the field.
  • Workshops on Energy / Renewable Energy Topics.
  • Local Seminars and All India Seminars.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Policy Matters related to Energy & Renewable Energy.
  • Legal Issues pertaining to Energy / Renewable Energy Sector.
  • Exhibitions of New Technologies / Products.
  • Advising / Assisting Government & other Organizations.
  • Case studies.
  • Demonstration of New Energy Efficient / Energy Saving Products.
  • Awareness Programs.
  • Essay Competition on relevant topics.
  • Visits to Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Prof M.V. Deshpande Memorial on 2nd September every year.
  • Electrical Safety Day in December.
  • DSK Energy Award in December.

The Lecture Meetings are held on every 1st & 2nd Mondays and 2 nd Friday of Month. Core Group Meetings are held on every 1 st & 3 rd Fridays. Normally, Workshops are held at regular intervals. The Centre has arranged Large number of Workshops and Local / All India Seminars since inception. Some of the recent Workshops were held on National Electricity Policy, Electricity Distribution, Electricity Act 2003, Energy Conservation Act 2001 etc, Solar Passive Architecture for Energy Conservation in Buildings. Usually 2 to 3 Seminars are held every year on ENCON or Renewable Energy. Some of the Recent Local / All India Seminars conducted by the Centre were on Power Capacitors, Standardization & Labeling of Electrical Home Appliances, Solar Passive Architecture, D.G. Sets, Energy Conservation in Pumping Systems, Compressors Air & DG Sets, Clean Development Mechanism’ (CDM), etc.

Energy Conservation Week is celebrated every year during 14-21 December every year.
Electrical Safety Week is celebrated in 1 st Week of December every year.

Since January 2005, the Centre has started “Guidance Course” for candidates appearing for Energy Auditor’s / Energy Manager’s Examination conducted by Bureau of Energy Efficiency every year.

The group has participation of Senior officers of Government – State & Central, State Electricity Boards, Electrical Inspectorate, & Electricity Regulatory Commission in addition to those from Industries, Consultants, Research Institutions, Academic Institutions / Colleges etc.