IEI Membership

As per Royal Charter in 1935 and the existing Bye Laws, the Institution of Engineers (India) offers different grades of Corporate and Non-Corporate membership. The grads are Fellow (FIE), Member (MIE) Associate Member (AMIE), Student Members (SMIE), Member Technologists (MTIE) and Associate Member Technologists AMTIE. Among these, FIE, MIE and AMIE are grades of Corporate membership and can possess Chartered Engineer Certificate. The other privileges of Corporate Members are entitled to make free e-access of Journal by logging in through Corporate Members are entitled to receive the monthly e-newsletter IEI's News and EPITOME, access IEI library at the Headquarters as well as at the state and local centres, participation in the numerous seminars, symposia, conventions, workshops, lectures, conferences, congresses and other events held at international, national, regional and local levels, opportunity to act as arbitrators in arbitration matters relating to engineering jobs and services, access to a cloud-based platform ‘ENGGtalks’ for technical networking, collaborating and community learning and entitlement to reserve and stay in retiring rooms IEI guest houses available at the Headquarters and at Centres at concessional rates. The Engineering undergraduate students can also avail such facilities and R&D grant by becoming our SMIE.

IEI offers Life Institutional Membership to organizations throughout India to any Public or Local Body, Registered Company or Firm or an Individual who desires to be attached as Institutional Member (IM). IMs are entitled to enjoy free e-access to IEI Journals by logging in through, technical collaboration and sponsorship for arranging technical seminars / symposia / workshops etc., are entitled for five Library Cards of IEI libraries without payment of any fees, (Security deposit however, is applicable), participation of representatives of Institutional Member in various national and international technical activities organized by IEI across the country at a concessional rate. The privileges also include concession in the rate for advertisement in the Institution Publication provided these are sent directly to the Institution, use of Institution Premises for Technical / Academic purpose on payment of fee to be fixed by the State / Local Centre and facility of IEI guest room accommodation to Managerial / Technical Staff at rates fixed by the State / Local Centre.

Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics may also associate with IEI as Students’ Chapter and making Student Members. The institutes will be able to organize technical activities under the IEI banner through these Students’ Chapters.

The Corporate Members can also undergo professional certifications such as Chartered Engineer Certification, Professional Engineer Certification and International Professional Engineer Certification from the Institution. The details are in