Water Resources Group

The Centre has launched an Information Centre regarding Water Resources to receive & disseminate the information and to organize technical participation in the field. This Cell has arranged a large number of awareness programs and interaction meetings particularly for common people since inception. The Cell was formed with an objective of promoting Drinking, Agriculture & Industrial Water Supply Distribution related issues at Local, State and National Levels.

The Cell deals with following major areas.

  • Water Supply Management (Environmental)
  • Water Audit / Conservation
  • Policy of Legal Matters.
  • Waste Water Management.

Following Activities are held by the Group.

  • Core Group and discussion Meetings every week on Tuesday.
  • Lecture Meetings on every Tuesdays of a month on Water Related Issues.
  • Workshops on Current Topics.
  • Local and All India Seminars on relevant Subjects.
  • Celebration of ‘Water Resources Day’ and ‘World Water Day’ in March / April every year.
  • Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’ on 5 th June every year.
The Cell has held a number of Awareness / Educational programs “Interlinking of Rivers” – a topic of National importance. The Group has participation of large number of State & Central Government Top Level officials, Research Organizations, Academicians, Professors / Students in Colleges, Consultants, MJP and Corporation officials etc.